Wyoming School Boards Association Insurance Trust

The Wyoming School Boards Association Insurance Trust (WSBAIT) was created in 1995 in an effort to control the rising costs of health insurance premiums to Wyoming school districts.  Our thought in 1995 and still today is that every dollar we save with health benefits is a dollar that can stay in the classroom.  By working together we have formed a pool large enough to take advantage of cost saving strategies otherwise enjoyed by only very large group programs.

WSBAIT Highlights

  • Partially Self-Funded Trust – Reserves owned by participating districts.
  • Currently cover approximately 2800 employees / 8000 total lives.
  • Founded on basis of flexibility – we believe in local control that includes your benefit design(s).
  • We can accommodate any combination of benefit plans from our model of 6 medical plans, 5 dental plans, 5 vision plans or a plan design of your choice.
  • Wellness Program that provides premium incentives for participation.
  • Teladoc gives members 24/7 access to medical providers via phone or video chat.
  • Governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of representatives from every participating district. Everyone gets a vote.  We are truly a participant run program.
  • Transparency in everything we do.

Current Participants

Association of Coop Education Svc                                           Washakie County School Dist. No 2

Fremont County School Dist. No. 2                                           Converse County School Dist. No. 2

Fremont County School Dist. No. 24                                         Washakie County School Dist. No.1

Hot Springs County School Dist. No. 1                                      Sheridan County School Dist. No. 1

Park County School Dist. No. 16                                               Big Horn County School Dist. No. 2

Wyoming School Boards Association                                        Park County School Dist. No. 1

Uinta County School Dist. No. 4                                                Crook County School Dist. No. 1

Johnson County School Dist. No. 1                                            Lincoln County School Dist. No. 1

Uinta County School Dist. No. 6                                                Sublette County School Dist. No. 9

Campbell County School Dist. No. 1                                         Northwest BOCES

Sheridan County School Dist. No. 3

WSBAIT is administered by UMR (www.umr.com).  They are a subsidiary of UnitedHealthcare and one of the largest third party administrators in the nation.  They are located in Wausau, WI and currently administer plans for over 2300 groups and pay claims for over 3.6 million members.  They offer an integrated solution for all aspects of our program.  When our members call UMR they speak with a dedicated customer service team who can assist with their questions on medical and pharmacy benefits, claim issues, and network questions.  By partnering with UMR, our members have access to the UnitedHealthcare Options preferred provider network giving them a nationwide network of providers to choose from and to OptumRx one of the country’s largest pharmacy benefit managers.  Partnering with UMR has given us the support of UnitedHealth Group with the flexibility and personalization of a small town third party administrator.


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