Superintendent Searches

The Wyoming School Boards Association provides a valuable service to school boards when they are faced with one of their most important functions, the hiring of a new superintendent.

WSBA believes that the hiring of the chief executive officer should be the board’s decision and not be influenced by others.

The Wyoming School Boards Association’s service is a process to guide school boards in recruiting, selecting and developing an educational leader who can multiply his or her talents to mobilize the teaching and learning forces within the educational community to
produce improved student achievement for the students of the district.

WSBA is not a head-hunter firm that “places” candidates. Our philosophy has been, and always will be, that successful hires are selected by the Board – not by a consultant.

WSBA provides assistance in the advertising of the position, screening of candidates, training on interviewing skills and reference checks on all final candidates.

For more information about Superintendent search services for your district contact WSBA at 307.634.1112 or email WSBA.

Click here to download a copy of the Superintendent Searches

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