Partners Program

The Wyoming School Boards Association is bridging the gap between private business and public education. As schools continue to look to the private sector for services previously performed by school district employees and as districts continue to improve school facilities the WSBA Partners Program is designed to facilitate this process.

WSBA Partners Program Benefits

  • WSBA partners will receive one booth free at the Wyoming Educational Trade Fair if registered or inserts in WSBA Annual Conference bags.
  • Recognition as a WSBA Partner will be provided in Annual Conference Program and weekly newsletter.
  • Placement on mailing list for all WSBA publications throughout the year. This is intended to provide partners with insight to the educational community which will enhance marketing efforts in the educational community.
  • WSBA Partners will be given access to WSBA research data. WSBA will provide partner members with information available through the association which they request to assist the partner in improving marketing efforts within the educational community.

The annual cost to be a WSBA Partner is $600 for 2014. Please let WSBA know if you would like to become a Partner!

Click here to download a copy of the Partners Program

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